Route Analysis

Proposed 1978 BT Map
Planning for the Blacksburg Transit (BT) Route Analysis has been ongoing for several years with the first RFP draft developed in late 2011. After receiving three proposals, the Baker proposal (with Foursquare Integrated Transportation Planning) was selected. The project was officially kicked-off September 13, 2013 with a request from Baker to BT for system & route data, other relevant studies, a list of service generators, and information on the multi-modal transit facility (MMTF). The effort included 5 tasks including route analysis & existing conditions, service recommendations (following a "from-scratch" bus service restructuring plan concept), a phased implementation plan, a linguistic analysis, and a partnership plan for funding. 

Cover of Draft Existing Conditions Report
Stakeholder Interview Memos were received 12/13/13, and an Existing Conditions & System Evaluation report was received 12/18/13. A draft report was completed in January with a final report by May 30, (was April) 2014. Edits for Draft Existing Conditions & System Evaluation report were sent 1/16 & 1/21/14 with plans for a 2nd version back to BT by 1/27/14. Site visit at BT was 1/27 & 1/28/14 with 8:30a and 1:30p meetings with BT Staff. The final version of the route analysis and related plans was completed 9/10/14. BT Planning and Operations staff continually refer to the final report during its route planning efforts.

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