Bus Stop Safety & Accessibility Study

Research paves way for bicycles (Buehler, Oct 20, 2013)
The origins for the "Transit Bike Ped Study" effort began with a July 2012 Virginia Tech “bicycle and pedestrian infrastructure analysis” draft for an RFP. Since that time the effort was modified to include transit issues (stops, crossings) considering bicycle and pedestrian interactions. The purpose of this effort is to conduct a study of transit, bicycle, and pedestrian interactions at current and proposed BT stop locations, considering road crossings. Subgoals include: identify and evaluate existing infrastructure conditions of bus stops on the Virginia Tech campus; develop a plan to enhance the current transit, bike and pedestrian infrastructure to help improve circulation, and enhance safer interaction among the these alternative transportation options and the current road network; review and make recommendations for safe interactions among transit, bicycles, and pedestrians at the newly proposed MMTF location; identify, prioritize, and cost out identified improvement projects. 

Deliverables were to include: electronic files (maps/GIS data) of current transit stops on Virginia Tech campus, including findings of existing conditions and proposed enhancements to the alternative transportation network, and estimates of both short (3-5 yr) and long-term (7-10 yr) capital and operating costs for proposed changes.  First RFP draft was Feb 2012. A May 2013 draft was developed and edits and discussion have taken place. The timeline is still set for Aug. 2013 - Dec. 2014, and $49,000 in funding will be provided by the New River Valley Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO). As of 10/25/13, VT was working on an updated scope document and timeline. A new first draft scope of service for a "North Academic Precinct Pedestrian Study - 2014" was sent to BT for review on 12/6/13, with comments requested by 1/6/14. 

Bus Stop Safety and Accessibility Study
As of 6/2/14 a new draft RFP was completed focusing on Town of Blacksburg bus stops only (not VT or Christiansburg at this time) with proposals due by 6/25, kick-off to be 7/28/14 with project to be completed by 12/30/14. The project was to expand on previous efforts, including the MPO Bike and Pedestrian Master plan and the Town of Blacksburg Bicycle (draft) Plan. Finally, at long last the RFP was re-issued 10/9/14 with a larger budget; four solid proposals were received by 10/30. After selection, a kick-off conference call was held 12/10/14 with Kimley-Horn, and the first site visit to BT & Blacksburg was 2/18/15. Sometime during this period the effort was changed to the Bus Stop Safety and Accessibility Study for the Town of Blacksburg, as suggested by the consultants. Input on the draft report was supplied by BT during June and July 2015. The final report was completed 7/23/15.

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