Regional Transit Study

NRV Regional Transit System (proposed 2009)
The purpose of this effort was to investigate future enhancements to regional connections provided by Radford Transit (RT), Blacksburg Transit (BT), and Pulaski Area Transit (PAT). Focus is to identify inefficiencies in the connectivity of the region and to evaluate what is needed to enhance/add service with stakeholder input. Deliverables are to include: Analyze existing services and regional efforts, make recommendations to enhance/expand, assessment of cost, recommend short (2-4) and long term (4-6 yr) plan, timeline, recommendation, report, and map(s). The 1-page draft description from 7/8/13 was updated and expanded into an RFP document. The original timeline was Nov 1, 2013 - March 15, 2014 (with draft by March 1; final report by March 15), with a budget of $75,000 from MPO funds. Will likely move end-date to June 2014; to send 7/8/13 draft for comments Jan 2014.
The PDC's Livability Initiative map from 2014

At some point the effort changed from the Regional Connection Study to the "Regional Transit Study" and was kicked completed by the NRV Regional Commission, and included a bus rider survey conducted between April 2015 and February 2016 with public comment open until April 20, 2016. A status update was provided to the NRV MPO Policy Board on May 5, and an April 29 final report draft was presented to the MPO TAC May 19. A resolution document for September 1, 2016 for the Policy Board to accept the final report was prepared and passesd. Findings will also be incorporated into the regional 3-system Transit Development Plans to start in Summer 2017.

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