MMTF Management & Operations Plan

MMTF building with platforms A & B and 17 bus slips
Along with an ongoing effort to design a multi-modal transit facility (MMTF) at Virginia Tech, BT has drafted an Operations Plan starting in July 2013 which outlines how BT will operate the current main BT facility in the industrial park, as well as the newly developed MMTF facility. The RFP was released in August with responses from Baker and Wendel. After conference calls with each on 9/30/13, Wendel was selected, and the Draft BT MMTF Operations Plan was sent to Wendel Oct 2 with an update sent on Oct 7 (correction to alightings data at 6 stops near the Drillfield). The contract was awarded to Wendel and a purchase order went out the week of Oct. 14. A kick-off meeting was held at BT on 10/16/13 re. current operations; Wendel suggested dispatch NOT be moved to MMTF facility and that the focus be on what BT needs to operate the building. Apparently dispatch will not operate out of the MMTF. Wendel hosted an Environmental Site Assessment info session at the Blacksburg Motor Company on 10/16/13 from 6-8 pm with the Town’s Deputy Town Manager. According to the Assessment, "There were no on-site RECs (recognized environmental conditions) identified on the proposed project site (RECs)." 

Schematic, 1/14/14
As of 10/23/13 Wendel was working on the Operations Plan; the proposed delivery date of the "Task 1: Operations and Management Study for new MMTF" milestone is the end of November (11/30, Saturday) with draft by 11/19/13 and comments back to Wendel (tentative) by 11/25/13 (Monday). See original Wendel 9/23/13 proposal, "Operations and Management Study scope, fee and schedule rev 9-23.pdf" for this info. According to a 12/6/13 follow-up email, a draft report was sent to BT on 11/19/13 with comments expected the week of 12/9/13. As of 12/13/13 the final report is to be completed by approximately January 2014. 
Site Plan, 9/15/14

Update: 6/26/14: Final report submitted 2/5/14. BT request to make changes 3/25/14; revision submitted 4/1/14; BT comments sent 5/7/14. Revised draft to be sent to BT by 6/13 and all work to be completed by 6/27/14. Budget increased via 6/2/14 purchase order. The 32-page final report, "Blacksburg Transit Management and Operations Analysis" was dated 9/8/14 which included an updated site plan from 9/15/14, with a note "that the design of the facility is only at a preliminary, conceptual stage."

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